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I married for 17 years to a wonderful husband who has supported me ever since i have been going blind and deaf. He has been at my side at the start. He helps me with my colors as i do have trouble with colors so i ask him alot which colors go together.We take care of each other as it should.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Santa Punch Art

here is santa done out of punches. so easy to do. hope you enjoy it.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Christmas Tags

I made these tags by using punches. just look at the punch and you can see what  they are.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Turkey Card from Razzy

this is my card from razzy in justcards. she made it to stand like a picture frame which is so neat and different. the leaves on here are foam.

Sunday, November 10, 2013


I have gone to the eye dr and the ob/gyn also.

eyes- the dr said that I am losing myt sight in my left eye now.  he still wants to run some tests also.

mass on left ovary- it never went away. so the dr will do another ultrasound in april to see how it is coming. it still hurts once in a while.

trying to get my husband thru all this as he didn't think it would happen. we both had blessings. now i am going to show how to stick for my sugar with my meter and how to layout my meds also. lots of work to do. I still have to let my mom know which will be hard.

3 Turkeys

here is all 3 turkeys made from the punches. all 3 on how to make them is on my blog.

3rd Turkey Punch Art

here is another turkey punch art for you. I found this on the net.all punches used are from stamping except for the 1 inch punch. it is unknown. the eyes are made from the cropadile large hole. I made 5 turkey cards using all 3 different turkeys to send to the nursing home where my mom is. to make someones day. 

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Third Turkey Punch Art

I found this card on pinerest. I thought it was easy and it is. I made this card for the nursing staff at the nursing home my mom resides in. I am also making 5 more turkey punch art cards for my mom to give out to who she pleases. 

lg oval,1 3/4 inch circle, 1 inch circle, heart,eyes from the cropadile (lg hole),labels dies , embossing folder

I also used bakers twins to separate the 2 different pattern paper I used.