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I married for 17 years to a wonderful husband who has supported me ever since i have been going blind and deaf. He has been at my side at the start. He helps me with my colors as i do have trouble with colors so i ask him alot which colors go together.We take care of each other as it should.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Froggy Love

Here is another card that I did with a frog on it this time. I put glitter glue on the roses and just a touch on the heart as I think it adds a touch of glamour. It is a simple card.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


This card is another House Mouse. :) I put beads over the turtle shell with crystal lacquer to hold them. I just love these little guys. :) plus turtles also.

Monday, January 21, 2008

My first valentine card

Here is my first valentine card that i made for the season. I was making cards for a swap tha t I am in and I got into making a valentine card by accident. lol. Happy accidents they say always come when you least expect it. :) Well, this is my Happy Accident.

Cards I made for niece and Nephew

These are the 2 card that I made for my niece and nephew that they will be getting.I love house mouse also so i have a few stamps. The backgrounds on the cards are made with rubberstamps. I always like to send them cards and tell tem how I much I love them and how much i miss them. Since i don't live close to them.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

My Dad and Grandparents layoutsof their tombstone-My first mosiac

This is the first mosiac layout that I did and I wanted to do a layout of my dad's and my grandparents tombstones so I can remember what they look like as i do not live close to them to visit. I stamped the flowers and doublestamped them. The title is doubled stamped also. I cut 1 flower out and pop-dot it up just above the journaling to give it a lift.
(TIP:) If you are out of pop dots and something to give a lift you can use leftover rubberstamping rubber that you trim when you mount your stamps, well save it as the sticky back will give it a lift. just pull off the rubber part before you put it on like a pop-dot. this way you have sticky of both now, now use as you would like a pop-dot. I tried this and it worked. that is what I used for the flower. :)

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Nigel's Card That my Nephew made for me

This is a card that my nephew nigel made for to get well since i was in the hospital. I love it when i received today in the mail. :) Plus when we have time we do crafts together, also with his sister Jadynn as they both love doing crafting since they get it from their mother and their aunt here. lol. They are naturals. :) Nigel and Jadyn are my joy and sunshine when I see them and I love them both. I love whatever they make.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Kimmie's magolia challenge 1

This is for kraftin Kimmie blog. she is having a contest over on her blog for a stamp which she will choose the best card and the best will get a magnolia stamp. everyone has until tomorrow to get their cards in on her blog. This is my card for hers.
this is her blog addy if you like a chance to get in on the chance for a magnolia stamp. so go make your card and put it up on your blog or email it it to her by to tomorrow and get in on your chance.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

I am back

after being in the hospital for an asthma attack that had me in there for almost a week. I had a rough night also. I could not breathe for the whole night. he whole night was in there I was in there they was giving me breathing machine alot. I was scared as I never felted that way before liked since I was a baby until I was 8 years old. thats when i grew out of it I thought. I guess not!! The dr. said an irritant caused it. so now i hope I don't have another attack because I will have to watch. Plus it messed up my migraines big time in there and the hopital didn't give me my migraine meds for the BIG pain like I should have had. So I received a blessing from the missionaries which I knew would work when I cannot get my meds as the blessings from God worked on my migraines before when my meds didn't. So i knew where to go. I will have to see where this asthma will take in this future now as I hope it is the only I have. I was scard and am not afraid to admit that. What started out as a simple sore throat and cough to me and went to an asthma attack was scary. Now to get on to more card making and scrapbooking as i took more pictures over christmas of my mom and family. I just need to get them printed. I have a lovely pics of my mom making cookies-12 dozen sour cream cut-out cookies. that will make a wonderful layout and I have some great papaer for that. I cannot wait to start that one. i have ideas for that one right away and will show you later. Plus i will be scraping my arm-band from the hopital also as I wanted to keep it. I think it would make a great first page since I was eight yrs old of my asthma attck.

I will post more later and see you later.