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I married for 17 years to a wonderful husband who has supported me ever since i have been going blind and deaf. He has been at my side at the start. He helps me with my colors as i do have trouble with colors so i ask him alot which colors go together.We take care of each other as it should.

Sunday, November 10, 2013


I have gone to the eye dr and the ob/gyn also.

eyes- the dr said that I am losing myt sight in my left eye now.  he still wants to run some tests also.

mass on left ovary- it never went away. so the dr will do another ultrasound in april to see how it is coming. it still hurts once in a while.

trying to get my husband thru all this as he didn't think it would happen. we both had blessings. now i am going to show how to stick for my sugar with my meter and how to layout my meds also. lots of work to do. I still have to let my mom know which will be hard.

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