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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Shopping Trip

Here are some ribbons that I bought today at Dollar general and Michaels today with the 40% coupon. Plus at Dollar general the ribbons they are $1.00 for 3/8 inches x9feet of ribbon. I will pay that.,Who wouldn't?? The rest of the ribbon was 50% off at Michaels. What a way to buy ribbon. Thats how i like to buy it. :) Now if you seen my ribbon collection I really don't need this but I just cannot resist buying new ones every year as i never know if I might give a roll away also. This way I have it. Now for some more christmas cards. :)


Lesalicious said...

You got a great bargin. I know I would have jumped for it myself. Love ribbons I used them mainly on little girls purses. Oh also thanks for the comment on my blog. You can go ahead and pick up that crochet hook it's now hard I self taught myself it takes a while but, I love my new found hobby been doing it for now 2 yrs. :)

Best of luck on your Christmas cards.:)

Vicki said...

Thanks for posting all your favourite links! The free patterns and inspiration are just what I need :-)

Theresa said...

What great finds!!! Have funcreating your Christmas cards!